31 Academic staff

105 Students

41 Modules

Department of Physical Education Koya University is the Dept. found in; the Faculty of Education University was founded Koya year (2004-2005), as with the opening of the university has been opened Department of Physical Education, where he was the necessities of the province to increase the opportunities for teachers to familiarize Education Sport in the Ministry of Education, at the beginning of the school year (2004-2005) have been accepted (75) students for undergraduate study and where in the school year (2007-2008) was the first graduation from the Department of Physical Education and so far continued and after this year's Department of Physical Education turned to the Faculty of Physical Education after a sufficient number of the body is complete faculty and since the opening of this section so far been accepted (4) batches of MBA students and (3) batches of PHD in all the various disciplines of the sciences of physical education and after the structure of universities change in the region turned Faculty of Physical Education to the School of Physical Education in terms of the label.

Department has contributed Physical Education in graduated eight batches of bachelor's degree holders in addition to the meals master's and PhD and still continuously in order to raise the scientific level of students, as well as to send a number of its members teaching at other universities outside the region and Iraq in order to get my degree (Master's and PhD).


The mission of School of Physical Education is to promote lifelong learning recognizing the value of personal development in the physical, affective and cognitive domains. Furthermore, to instill individual ownership in the continual growth necessary to be a responsible, productive and contributing member of society.


School of physical education will provide a Comprehensive Physical Education program that is dedicated to creating an environment that allows students to understand and to display cooperative social skills, teamwork, peer interaction, leadership, sportsmanship, positive attitude, self-esteem, and enjoyment. The curriculum will create an environment that focuses on current information, technology, and equipment to meet the needs of individual students.